Compilation: Anja Silja: The Early Years- Includes the Queen of the Night aria along with other excerpts


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It is not hard to discern from my collection that I am huge Anja Silja fan.   I think she is one of the most unique artists I have ever come across in terms of voice, artistic temperament and how here career unfolded.  I am very pleased to present one of the few (if not only) retrospectives of her.  She embarked on her career while still a teenager singing high coloratura rep, so we have opened the disc with a rare performance of her singing the Queen of the Night aria.   She moved very quickly into the larger repertoire singing parts like Elektra and Isolde while still in her twenties.  She would later put aside the Wagner and Strauss roles and take on whichever project captured her imagination singing such diverse parts as Tosca, Minnie and Jenny Smith in Mahagonny (all represented on this collection.)   The sound ranges from good to excellent.

OD 10336-1

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