Remembering Phyllis Curtin

It is with particular sadness that I must report that the great American soprano Phyllis Curtin has died.

Phyllis Curtin is probably best known for having created the role of Susannah. She was a favorite of composers who prized her rock-solid technique as well as a musicianship that allowed her, for example, to get a new piece by Darius Milhaud and perform it the next day when she was a student at the Aspen Music Festival.

After her career she became one of the most celebrated voice teachers in America. I had the great fortune of having had my very first voice lesson with Curtin at the age of 15. She recommended me to a teacher in Boston and over the years I would often correspond with her. She had the unique gift that only the best teachers have of being 100% present whenever I was with her, whether I was singing for her or just talking about her career. It is clear from the outpouring of love on Facebook since her death was announced that she touched many lives and shaped a whole generation of singers.

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