A Note To Our Customers:

Twelve years ago I started this business because of my love for live opera recordings, as well as a means to find a source of income while I pursued my career as an opera conductor. In recent years I have been very blessed to have had many exciting opportunities to work with companies like San Francisco Opera, Opera San José and the San Francisco Symphony.
Last fall I accepted a full-time job at Minnesota Opera. It had been my hope that I would be able to run this business in my spare time, but the demands of the job have made juggling these two lives very difficult.
I have made the decision that effective sometime towards the end of August I will be ceasing production of CDs. This will allow me to spend more time on remastering new titles and creating fun promotions. I appreciate that this will be bad news to many of my CD customers, and I do apologize for that. I am fully committed, however, to offer one-and-one help to get you all comfortable with the ease and convenience of being able to instantly download a recording. I will also be creating a series of videos that should help.
I am very humbled by the loyalty of all of you. With this new model I am confidant that Opera Depot will be able to go on well into the future and I can continue to share my passion for live opera with you all.
Andrew Whitfield
President, Opera Depot Inc.