Puccini: Il Trittico - Collier, Craig, Gobbi, Carlyle, Fisher, M. Price, Minton, Vaughan, Coates; Pritchard. London, 1965


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This performance of Il Trittico pairs some of the the finest British singers of the time with one very notable Italian singer. Tito Gobbi lends his talents to the roles of Michele and Gianni Schicchi. By the mid-sixties, the voice wasn't quite what it used to be but in neither case does it matter because his powers as an actor more than compensate. His anguish at having lost his wife's heart in Tabarro is very moving and it is a true delight to hear him manipulate all of Buoso's relations in Gianni Schicchi. Marie Collier is a passionate yet delicate Giorgetta. Charles Craig's burly and tireless tenor is heard to good effect as Luigi. Joan Carlyle is also very good as Angelica. Her voice may lack the heft that one generally associates with Puccini, but she rises to the demands of the role very well and delivers a performance that easily moved me to tears. The sound is excellent.

OD 10871-3