Donizetti: La fille du régiment (In German) - Lipp, Friedrich, Litz, Zollenkopf, Fiedler; Schüchter. Hamburg, 1952


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Translating operas into different languages is always a tricky proposition.  Depending on the genre and the language it can either be a seamless transition or it can change the tone of the whole opera.  I have always found that bel canto comic operas translated into German work very well.  Perhaps it is the German tradition of Operettas that was born out of many of the bel canto traditions.  Wilma Lipp is pure charm as Marie. The control over her voice is dazzling and it has a lovely color that you don't often get in a coloratura soprano.  Karl Friedrich was an odd choice for the role of Tonio.  He lowers the cabaletta a whole-tone and then doesn't even attempt what would have been b flats.  Wasn't there a tenor around with a C?  This CD contains only the music.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10357-1