Puccini: Turandot - Tinsley, Martí, Huang; Hetu. Edmonton, 1974


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  • The role of Turandot is, and will always be, a vehicle for great dramatic sopranos to show off their steely high notes, and make no mistake about it, Pauline Tinlsey does just that. But Tinsley does more than just offer vocal fireworks. She sings with profound musicianship and commitment to the text in a way I have never heard from any other Turandot. For my money the opening of "In questa reggia", where she describes her ancestor Lo-u-ling, is every bit as mesmerizing as the second half where she unleashes the true power of her voice.
  • Bernabé Martí brings heft and lyricism to the role of Caláf, but is a little lacking in refinement.


  • None to mention.


Excerpts from Acts II and III of Turandot featuring Pauline Tinsley, William Johns, Yvonne Fuller, and Richard Armstrong
Cardiff, 1972

In Mono

OD 11788-2