Verdi: La Traviata - Caballé, Carreras, Sardinero; Masini. Barcelona, 1973


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This recording features one of the most legendary teams in all of opera, Montserrat Caballé and José Carreras.  Not only was their on-stage chemistry very strong, but their voices were similar in that both possessed essentially lyric instruments with the capacity for spinto when needed. Like many sopranos, Caballé fairs better in "Ah, fors'è lui" then "Sempre libera" but once the vocal gymnastics are out of the way she relaxes into the role and gives an impassioned and delicate portrayal.  José Carreras is in excellent voice and even treats us to the cabaletta complete with high C.  Vicente Sardinero is a stern and loving Germont.  The sound is generally good although there is some digital static in the first act.

OD 10627-2