Rossini: Il barbiere di Siviglia - De Los Angeles, Alva, Bruscantini, Corena, Mastromei; Cillario. Buenos Aires, 1962


Listen to a Sample:


It is easy enough to assemble a stellar cast for Il Barbiere di Siviglia but as any fan of this opera knows, great singing is not enough for this masterpiece.   There must be, for lack of better words, magic.   This performance has that magic.   It is almost impossible to not smile while listening to it.  The cast plays wonderfully off of each other and seems to be having a lot of fun.  Sesto Bruscantini takes the title role.  His voice does not have the elegance of some of his colleagues but he makes up for it in charm.   I will always prefer a mezzo singing the part of Rosina, but if you are going to have soprano Victoria De Los Angeles is the best choice.  Her voice has richness and the ability to move.   At times she even sounds like a lyric mezzo.  And she is also well endowed in the charm department.  Luis Alva owned the part of the count for years and for very good reason.  He finds the balance between comedic timing and aristocratic grace.  The sound is very good.

OD 10297-2