Wagner: Das Rheingold - Ward, Shirley, Veasey, Kelemen; Goodall. London, 1975


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Although the rest of this cycle is in the capable hands of Colin Davis, this recording of Das Rheingold features the sensitive baton and famously broad tempi of Reginald Goodall. Those familiar with his work will find the attention to detail and the elegant lines they expect, along with a wonderful cast lead by the great David Ward as a fairly sinister Wotan. George Shirley, caught just after his considerable prime, is a hectoring Loge, and Zoltan Kélémen sings a powerful, frightening Alberich. Highlights in the supporting cast include an exemplary pair of giants from Martti Salminen and Robert Lloyd, and a lovely trio of Rheinmaidens lead by the shining voice of Valerie Masterson. NOTE: There are three brief drop-outs in this recording.

An interview with Reginald Goodall

OD 11083-3