Berg: Wozzeck (In Italian) - Gobbi, Danco, Beirer, Petri; Böhm. Napoli, 1949


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I am more than a little proud that I am able to offer two recordings of Wozzeck in Italian and both boasting the great Tito Gobbi (DG can't make that claim.)   Although this role was about as far away from what he was known for he is actually a perfect fit.  His gruff voice works well in the role and of course his acting chops are put to great use.   Suzanne Danco is very sympathetic as Marie.   Her voice may be a shade light but she sings very beautifully.   Hans Beirer lends his skills as the Tambourmajour, although opting to sing in German as opposed to Italian.  Karl Böhm brings great leadership to the orchestra.   Although their playing may not be the finest he achieves great colors and highlights the raw, organic nature of the work.  As a bonus I have included Erwartung with Janis Martin and Pierre Boulez.   The sound of the Wozzeck is fair and the Erwartung is in excellent sound.

Schoenberg: Erwartung
Janis Martin, soprano
Pierre Boulez, conductor
April 13, 1977

OD 10290-2