Strauss: Elektra - Dvorakova, Schwarzenberg, Eckert, Stajnc, Ames; Märzendorfer. Graz, 1973


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  • This performance marks the only time Ludmila Dvorakova sang Elektra. The fact that she didn't go on to sing this opera all around the world is in itself a tragedy of Greek proportions. Hers is certainly one of the most beautiful Elektras I have ever heard. The richness of her middle range allows her to deliver the text with an ease that you rarely hear in a live performance of this opera, and her high notes are nothing short of glorious. It is also worth noting that even if she gets off rhythmically from time to time, her accuracy when it comes to the pitches is remarkable.
  • Elizabeth Schwarzenberg as Chrysothemis does an admirable job.
  • Ernst Märzendorfer finds lyricism in Strauss' violent score that I have never heard before.


  • Gertraud Eckert's thin-voices Klytämnestra is disappointing. Additionally, the orchestra makes a lot of mistakes despite the fine leadership of Märzendorfer.

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OD 11778-2

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