Wagner: Tristan und Isolde - Bjoner, Wenkoff, Hesse, Roar, Sotin, Grundheber; Stein. Hamburg, 1977


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As her voice matured, Ingrid Bjoner began to move into the heavier repertoire. Having admired the ethereal quality of her voice in roles like Ariadne and Elsa, I must admit I was skeptical going in, but she manages the role deftly without short-changing the fire of Act I or the delicate lyricism of Act II. Although the purity of her early days may be lacking, the voice has taken on a more burgundy hue and that added richness serves her very well. Spas Wenkoff is one of my favorite Tristans. Much like Jon Vickers, he is able to convey the character's tortured stoicism acutely. Hans Sotin, still a house Bass-Baritone in Hamburg when this performance took place, reveals that he is destined for the international scene. Ruth Hesse and Leif Roar make equally impressive contributions, and the role of Melot is sung by a young Franz Grundheber. The sound is good.

OD 10838-3