Bizet: Carmen - Verrett, Corelli, Cappuccilli, Cannarile-Berdini, Clabassi; Molinari-Pradelli. Firenze, 1968


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  • Shirley Verrett's nonchalant Carmen is an exciting foil for Franco Corelli's hot-blooded José. However, the evening culminates in a thrilling duet when the two stand toe-to-toe, and even though Carmen doesn't make it out alive, Verrett not only holds her own, she manages to dominate the proceedings in a way that is thrilling.
  • Piero Cappuccilli makes a good argument for having a bona fide baritone in this role (even if he opts to sing the part in Italian.)


  • The opening 5 minutes of the opera are missing as well as the opening of the Act III chorus.

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OD 11926-2