Wagner: Siegfried - Treptow, Wernigk, Frantz, Grob-Prandl, Anday; Moralt. Wien, 1949


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This fantastic Siegfried captures a rare glimpse of some of the finest Wagnerian singers of the 40s in fantastic sound. In the title role Günther Treptow demonstrates a pure and burly tone which maintains its evenness in spite of the horrific demands that Wagner places upon him. The color is somewhat baritonal with an upper extension that is unmistakably that of a true tenor. Ferdinand Frantz delivers one of the finest sung Wotan's I have ever heard. His voice is both suave and powerful and he seems to avoid the notorious "Bayreuth Bark". Gertude Grob-Prandl is simply astonishing as Brünnhilde. Contemporary accounts maintain that hers was one of the largest Wagnerian soprano voices in history. Although that can be difficult to bare out on recording, what is most certain is that she delivers the role with remarkable energetic vigor and sores up to the high Cs with ease and confidence. The sound is excellent.

OD 10845-3