Bizet: Carmen - Verrett, Domingo, Te Kanawa, Van Dam, Cahill, Van Allen; Solti. London, 1973


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  • Georg Solti unites the cast from his iconic Decca recording with one very notable exception - Shirley Verrett in the title role.
  • Verrett's understated Carmen exudes an aloof magnetism throughout most of the evening, but switches gears in Act IV, unleashing thrilling defiance when faced with her own death.
  • Plácido Domingo is excellent as Don José and delivers a vivid portrait of an otherwise sympathetic guy unraveling slowly before your eyes.
  • Kiri Te Kanawa, barely 30 years old, nearly walks away with the whole show after her aria.
  • José Van Dam exudes elegance and bravado as Escamillo.
  • This performances uses the Oeser edition and is uncut (hence the three discs.)


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OD 11917-3