Strauss: Die Frau ohne Schatten - Janowitz, Thomas, Kuchta, Wiener, Hoffman, Kreppel, Popp, Wunderlich; Karajan. Wien, 1964


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At the height of his power, it was well-know among singers that you did not say no to Herbert von Karajan.  Those who did never worked with him again.   In this performance of Die Frau ohne Schatten he managed to coerce Gundula Janowitz into singing the demanding part of the Empress.   Upon listening it it is clear why he wanted her to sing it.   She brings a purity of tone and innocence that one rarely hears in this part.  She is joined by the Gladys Kuchta who is very comfortable in the part of the Dyers wife, Jess Thomas as the Emporer and Otto Wiener as Barak.  Karajan makes the score shimmer with mystery and glamor.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10213-3

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