Rossini: Guglielmo Tell (In German) - Paskalis, Marton, de Ridder, Schenk; Erede. Frankfurt, 1975


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Listen to a Sample


If you aren’t sure whether you have room in your collection for a German language Guglielmo Tell, I have two words for you: Eva Marton. Marton sings the role of Matilde with exquisite beauty, power and agility. I cannot remember ever having heard Rossini sung with such dramatic flair and control. The rest of the cast is also exceptional. Kostas Paskalis brings a similar mixture of brashness and vocal refinement to the title role. Anton de Ridder, who would also go on to more dramatic fare, manages the demanding role of Arnoldo with aplomb. In short, this recording will make you rethink the dramatic possibilities of Rossini. The sound is very good.

In Mono

OD 11419-3

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