Strauss: Arabella - Varady, Mathis, Fischer-Dieskau; Sawallisch. München, 1977


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Anna Tomowa-Sintow was supposed to have sung the title role in this 1977 performance from Munich, but fell sick. Luckily Julia Varady was in town and stepped in between performances of Eugene Onegin to give a nigh-definitive performance of Strauss' flighty heroine. She has great chemistry with her Mandryka (and real life husband), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau who is a charmingly clumsy suitor. Edith Mathis is the tortured Zdenka and Kurt Böhme is a thundering, seedy presence as Arabella's reprobate father. The Fiakermilli is rather ungainly, but as if to make up for it, Martha Mödl is on hand as the fortune teller.

OD 11177-2

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