Cherubini: Medea - Olivero, Picchi, Dominguez, Spek, Smith; Vernizzi. Amsterdam, 1970


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Cherubini's Medea is the quintessential vehicle for all great sopranos who are also great actresses.  Magda Olivero, although not well known for this role, is a nearly ideal exponent.   In 1970 she was already nearing her sixties.  For someone at this stage of her career she copes remarkably with the notorious tessitura.  Although her singing can be ravishing, the character she is playing if often anything but and she doesn't shy away from unleashing her wrath in the form of passionate outbursts.   Oralia Dominguez is very sympathetic as her faithful maid, Neris and Mirto Picchi's heroic although sometimes snarled tone actually works very well as the unsympathetic Giasone.  The sound is very good.

OD 10381-2

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