Strauss: Salome - Tynes, Anderson, Shirley, Chookasian; Schippers. Spoleto, 1961


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  • This performance of Salome is unlike any I have ever come across, challenging my preconceptions of this opera and offering new insight.
  • In the title role, Margaret Tynes is superb. Her pristine soprano makes Salome seems guileless in the opening half of the opera. However, as the evening progresses, she fearlessly (and perhaps recklessly) gives more and more of her voice as Salome falls deeper and deeper into her infatuation with Jochanaan.
  • When I saw that George Shirley was Herod, I assumed at first it was a misprint and that he was actually Narraboth. However, when I heard his sweet yet burly voice at Herod's first entrance I knew it could be none other than Shirley. This is certainly the most beautifully sung Herod you will likely ever come across. What is doubly remarkable is that Shirley's lyric tenor more than holds up to the dramatic demands of the role, without ever showing signs of strain, aided in no small part to Schippers' astute guidance..
  • The casting of Lili Chookasian as Herodias is pure fun. Chookasian relishes the character without ever descending into camp or compromising her luscious contralto voice.
  • Thomas Schippers brings out many minute details in the orchestration and maintains the orchestra at a brisk pace to the great benefit of the singers.


  • None to mention.

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