Verdi: Ernani - Labò, Roberti, MacNeil, Hines; Previtali. Buenos Aires, 1964


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In the sixties none of the singers in this cast were household names.  They did not have high profile record contracts or enormous press coverage.  They were, however by any standards (certainly today's) great artists.   Flaviano Labò sings the title role with all the traits that one wants of a Verdi tenor- Stentorian tones, delicate messa di voce and always in control of his voice and not the other way around.   Margherita Roberti was also very well suited to her part.  Her voice is slender and has nice steel to it but never feels cumbersome in the florid passages.  She sings with great abandon too.   The true star of the evening is Cornell MacNeil.   His "Oh, de verd'anni miei" is the most amazing baritone singing I have ever heard.  Listen to the sample to hear what he does with the last few bars.  I don't want to give away the surprise.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10310-2

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