Compilation: Martha Mödl sings Octavian - with Ebers, Della Casa & Ludwig. Plus arias from Parsifal, Mahagonny, Jenufa & Dido.


Listen to a Sample:


This is pure Martha Mödl.  As a great Mödl fan, I was overjoyed to find a document of her in a pants role of all things.  Octavian is a true Zwischenfach role and it suits Mödl, a true zwischenfach, very well (why don't more sopranos today take on this part?) And of course her acting chops are put to great use.  Her outburst of "Engel, nein!" in the opening scene is boiling over with youthful exuberance.  She is joined by none other than Lisa Della Casa as Sophie.  Since the Rosenkavalier excerpts are only about forty minutes, I have included some arias from Dido, Parsifal, Mahagonny and Jenufa.  The sound is fair.

OD 10404-1