Verdi: Macbeth (In German) - Goltz, Braun, Kreppel, Dermota; Quadri. ORF, 1960


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This German Macbeth is notable mostly for the fact that it features Christel Goltz as Lady Macbeth. Goltz’ voice may not be a perfect fit for all of Verdi’s vocal demands, particularly the coloratura which seems slightly labored and lacks the fire that makes a Verdi cabaletta so exciting, however she brings an alluring glamor to the part, making her Lady seem all the more formidable and at times strangely sympathetic. Hans Braun’s name will likely not be mentioned alongside some of the great Verdi baritones of his day but he acquits the demands of the role admirably. Walter Kreppel brings booming gravitas to the role of Banquo and Anton Dermota delivers a honey-voiced MaCDuff. The sound is very good.

OD 11086-2