Strauss (Johann): Die Fledermaus (In English) - A. Evans, Masterson, Jenkins, Brecknock, Opie, Hood; Mackerras. London, 1975


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  • This sparkling performance of Die Fledermaus would rival any you could ever hope to hear in Vienna.
  • The English translation used in this performance is excellent, and the diction of the leads is crystal-clear. During the dialogue scenes you could easily convince yourself that you were listening to a play in the West End.
  • As Rosalinde, Anne Evans delivers a tour-de-force performance complete with bravura coloratura and fearless high notes.
  • Valerie Masterson's Adele exudes charm.
  • Perhaps the real star of the evening is Charles Mackerras who delivers a performance that is steeped in Viennese nuance yet still manages to feel organic and free. He is aided by a pit band that is nothing short of first rate.


  • None to mention.

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OD 11763-2