Strauss: Arabella - Harper, Mittelmann, Miljakovic, Sotin, Litz, Dallapozza; Stein. Buenos Aires, 1971


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Buenos Aires may seem an unlikely venue for an opera so quintessentially Viennese, but they nonetheless manage to serve up a performance of Arabella that bubbles with charm thanks in no small part to the superb cast. The challenge with the title role of this opera is to convey the character’s reserve without making her come across as cold or aloof. Heather Harper manages to find an excellent balance giving the character an aura of glamor but on a human scale. As Mandryka, Norman Mittelmann creates a character who, despite his insecurities about being a country boy in the big city, still exudes a sense of confidence and earnestness. Olivera Miljaković’s Zdenko/Zdenka bubbles with teenaged restlessness. Gisela Litz brings an unexpected sultriness to the part of Adelaide (who says mothers can’t also be sexy?) and Hans Sotin’s elegant bass is in top form as Waldner. The sound is excellent.

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OD 11392-2