Puccini: Turandot - Lindholm, Chauvet, Brunner, Wildermann, Santi. Genève, 1972


Listen to a Sample:


If you think that you have accounted for all of the great Turandots in recorded history, you may have to make room for one more. Berit Lindholm’s slender soprano, with its distinctive nordic color, is a perfect fit as the ice princess. Like her fellow Swede Birgit Nilsson, her high notes have a laser-like point and tireless ease of production. But Lindholm’s Turandot is more than a virtuosic display of vocal acrobatics. She brings a vulnerability to the role which particularly comes through in her Act III aria ”Del primo pianto”. The humanity she displays goes a long way to make Calàf’s infatuation with her a little more credible. Guy Chauvet’s stentorian tenor makes for a brash Calàf, albeit somewhat lacking in style. Nello Santi leads a taught performance. The sound is excellent.

OD 11123-2