Wagner: Lohengrin (In Italian) - Giacomini, Chiara, Berini, Carroli, Patanè. Trieste, 1974


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  • In many respects this group of Italian singers fully realizes Wagner's innate lyricism better than any German-born cast I have ever heard (no disrespect to the great German singers I have loved and admired.)
  • Giuseppe Giacomini is stunning in the title role, managing Lohengrin's ethereal tessitura with security and elan.
  • Maria Chiara's rich soprano gives Elsa's music a luxurious sheen.
  • Bianca Berini's Ortrud is thrilling.


  • The bad news is that the sound is not very good. There is an echoey quality that detracts from an otherwise sterling performance.

In Stereo

OD 11711-3