Verdi: Macbeth - Zanasi, Souliotis, Merighi, Washington; Patanè. Genova, 1970


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By the beginning of the 1970s Greek soprano, Elena Souliotis’ career was starting to hit some choppy waters. The taxing repertoire that she had taken on while still in her twenties was starting to take its toll on her pristine soprano. Fortunately, this performance of Macbeth found her on a good day when she was still in control of her formidable vocal resources. Souliotis conveys one of the most youthful Lady Macbeth’s I have ever heard, giving the character an innocent amorality that is closer to Berg’s Lulu than Shakespeare’s ruthless antiheroine. Mario Zanasi matches Souliotis’ youthful vigor, singing with elegance even while Macbeth’s life is starting to crumble beneath him. Giorgio Merighi sings MaCDuff’s aria with distinction. The sound is not very good although the quality of the voices still manages to come through.

In Mono

OD 11418-2