Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro - Taddei, Noni, Simionato, Cassinelli, Cava; Gui. Tokyo, 1956


Listen to a Sample:


Often when one thinks of great performances of Mozart, one thinks of the Germans or Austrians despite the fact that most of his operas were in Italian.  Here is a performance where the whole cast is Italian.   Obviously singing in their native language benefits the performance but what was surprising to me was how well they interpret the Mozart style.  Giulietta Simionato, is wonderful as Cherubino.  Her voice is lusher than one is used to in this role but she singing with boyish optimism especially in "Voi che sapete."  Giuseppe Taddei is also great in the title role.  This is truly a great performance.  The sound is fantastic.

OD 10212-3