Verdi: Don Carlo - Ricciarelli, Cossotto, Luchetti, Cappuccilli, Ghiaurov, Casarini, Zancanaro; Prêtre. Venezia, 1973


Listen to a Sample:


This is a very interesting version of Don Carlo.  It is the complete French Version with all of the Fontainbleu material except sung in Italian.  Katia Ricciarelli is heavenly as Elisabetta.  She is joined by Fiorenza Cossotto as a vengeful Eboli and Piero Cappuccilli who sings Posa's death scene without ever stopping for a breath.  Nicolai Ghiaurov is booming as Filippo.  It is fun to hear the French material sung in Italian.  Particularly effective is the alternate ending in which the priests come out and judge Elisabetta and Carlo and the touching scene between Eboli and Elisabetta before "O don fatale."  The sound is very good.

OD 10164-3