Gluck: Orphée et Eurydice - Bacquier, Guiot, Baleani; Fournet. Buenos Aires, 1966


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Gabriel Bacquier is an undervalued talent, and here is a brilliant showcase for him. In a role usually sung by a tenor or mezzo-soprano, his burnished bass-baritone and absolute mastery of text-painting serves Gluck beautifully. His performance of the famous aria “J'ai perdu mon Eurydice" (surely one of the two or three most perfect portrayals of human heartbreak ever set to music) features stunning control and a melancholy, hushed sense of loss. Andréa Guiot, his Eurydice, has little to do but makes much of her material and the pert L'Amour of Silvia Baleani is a welcome presence. The chorus and orchestra of the Teatro Colón have a surprisingly strong outing in repertoire far from their usual fare, lead in an understated, elegant performance by Jean Fournet.

OD 11049-2