Verdi: La Forza del destino - Cerquetti, Labò, MacNeil, Zaccaria, Corena; Narducci. Mexico City, 1958


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The lack of true Verdi voices these days has caused performances of La Forza del destino to become scarcer and scarcer.  This performance comes from a time in which performers capable of the technical and stylistic demands abounded.  Anita Cerquetti is captured at her prime.  The voice is refulgent and silky and she is able to negotiate the demands, particularly in her scene with Guardiano, with ease.  Upon close listening I was very impressed with Flaviano Labò as Alvaro.  I must admit that I had always relegated him to house tenor status, but this man knew how to sing.  His "O tu che seno agli angeli" shows a rock solid technique capable not only of ringing b flats but also some very delicate singing throughout his passaggio.  And Cornell MacNeil is an almost freakish force of nature.  His voice is actually darker that Nicola Zaccaria's who plays Guardiano.  But no bass he, at least judging from his high notes which seem to rock the foundation of the house.  The sound is fair.

OD 10532-2

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