Wagner: Tristan und Isolde - Bjoner, Uhl, Wiener, Frick, Töpper; Keilberth. München, 1965


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This performance of Tristan und Isolde features a very strong cast of Wagnerians and superb direction from Joseph Keilberth. Keilberth’s sensitive touch manages to both preserved the suspended stillness of Wagner’s score without compromising the musical direction or stretching phrases beyond the comfort of the singers. Ingrid Bjoner brings a youthful quality to Isolde without shortchanging any of her musical outbursts. Fritz Uhl, as Tristan, sounds better than I have ever heard him, bringing a youthful lyricism to the role that matches Bjoner very well. It is an added bonus to have Gottlob Frick as a magisterial Marke as well as Hertha Töpper’s lush Brangäne. The sound is good.

OD 11267-3