Strauss: Elektra - Nilsson, Lindholm, Ericson, Saeden, Jehrlander; Klobucar. Stockholm, 1965


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Despite being the reigning dramatic soprano of her day (or any day for that matter), Birgit Nilsson shied away from the role of Elektra until she was nearing her 50s.  This performance from Stockholm captures her first run in this brutal role and she shows that it was worth the wait.  Her voice seems just slightly smoother than it would even in the Solti recording and her characterization is already solid.  One thing that is often taken for granted about this soprano is her outstanding musicianship.  Strauss' score is not only exceedingly difficult to sing but it has changes in pattern and meter at every turn, not to mention very complex harmonies. Nilsson should be commended also for delivering such a musically secure performance.  Berit Lindholm sings with fervor as Chrysothemis and Barbro Ericson actually is able to both supply attractive tones and convey Klytämnestra's grotesque decay.  The sound is fair.

OD 10530-2

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