Wagner: Siegfried - Cox, Lindholm, McIntyre, Ulfung, Salminen; Davis. London, 1975


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Siegfried is often considered the red-headed stepchild of the Cycle, but this thrilling performance makes a strong case for it. Jean Cox sings the titular hero with ringing tone and respectable stamina. He is probably holding back in the first act to reserve power, which pays off in some stunning singing in act three right around the point most Siegfrieds collapse from exhaustion. He is surrounded by an exemplary supporting cast, lead by Donald McIntyre's peerless, heartbreaking Wanderer. The great Swedish tenor Ragnar Ulfung is a predictably terrific Mime, balancing the tricky mixture of pathos, comedy and danger that make up one of Wagner's most complex characters. Zoltan Kelemen repeats his sinister Alberich and Matti Salminen growls and roars as a bestial, very terrifying Fafner. Berit Lindholm is the Brünnhilde, launching the love duet with a beautifully centered tone and ringing high Cs. Colin Davis leads the forces of Royal Opera in this taunt, exciting performance.

OD 11084-4