Janacek: Vec Makropulos (In English) - Collier, Dempsey, Herincx, Shilling; Mackerras. London, 1971


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Although possessing some absolutely great music, it is fair to say that the libretto to the Makropulos Case, written by the composer, lacks the musical cohesion of Jenufa.  These flaws can easily be overcome by a soprano who can convey both the glamor and the loneliness of Emilia Marty and this recording has just that in the form of Marie Collier.  Sadly, unlike Marty, her life would be tragically cut short just months after this performance was given.  Hers was a slender voice with great cutting power.  Fans of opera in English will appreciate her superb diction as well as her interpretive skills.  The sound is good although occasionally there is some scratchiness.

Marie Collier sings arias from Manon Lescaut and Don Carlo.

OD 10456-2

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