Compilation: Birgit Nilsson: 1949 - 1971. Excerpts from Aida, Macbeth, Ariadne, Elektra and more!


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I don't feel entirely up to the task of summing up the career of Birgit Nilsson.   Personally I will say that of the great singers of her time (or any) there is none other that I admire as much.   From a technical level she was perfect.   She could sing Isolde for four hours and end the night with a perfectly spun f sharp in the Liebestod.   She had no trouble alternating Wagner and Strauss with Verdi and Mozart.  And not too mention her excellent interpretive skills which I feel people tend to forget in the face of her radiant sound.  But more than anything else she will be remembered for the colossal size of her voice and a sound like no other.  This compilation is my homage to her and I hope that all of those Birgit fans out there enjoy it as much as I do.

OD 10314-2