Wagner: Siegfried - Beirer, Lindholm, Stewart, Stolze, Lilowa, Auger; Stein. Wien, 1972


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  • This recording is a wonderful document from a time in Vienna when legendary performances were more or less commonplace.
  • Someone needs to explain to me why Hans Beirer has not gotten the recognition that he deserves. His voice was huge and his technique was flawless. You would have no idea that this performance was from a man already in his 60s!
  • Berit Lindholm's silvery soprano is heard to great effect in the final scene.
  • Thomas Stewart may not have the same kind of interpretive prowess as someone like Hans Hotter, but it cannot be denied that his might be one of the most beautifully sung Wotans in the history of opera.


  • None to mention.

In Mono

OD 11790-3

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