Verdi: Don Carlo - Stella, Simionato, Labò, Wächter, Kreppel, Zaccaria; Santi. Wien, 1961


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Don Carlo was still a rarity in 1961 so Vienna invested in a cast steeped in Verdi style in order to sell it.  Antonietta Stella is ideal in the role of Elisabeth, conveying the moral purity of the role and rising to the occasion during her many spinto outbursts.  Giulietta Simionato, already in her 50s, reveals all of the conflicts in Eboli's character and sing thrilling "O don fatale" replete with dazzling high b and gutsy chest tones.  Flaviano Labò manages well with this long and at times thankless part and Ebehard Wächter shows that the Italians in the cast do not have the market cornered where Verdi is concerned.  The sound is very good.

OD 10148-3