Verdi: Aida - Stella, Corelli, Barbieri, Colzani, Petri; Gui. Napoli, 1955


Listen to a Sample:


Some voices never fail at amazing no matter how many times you hear them.  For me Franco Corelli is one such case.  In his prime the voice was effortlessly thrilling.  It wasn't just technique that created this kind of phenomenon.  There was a generosity both of spirit and of voice and he never held back either.  Here he sings the murderous tessitura of Radamès with astonishing security.  Antonietta Stella is an excellent partner to Corelli as Aida.  She could match him in terms of sound and security including a phenomenal High C in "O patria mia."  One appreciates Fedora Barbieri for never chincing on the chest voice especially in a role like Amneris.  Far be it from me, however, to reduce her artistry to a vocal gimmick.  She was also a fantastic actress and sets the stage on fire at times with her intensity particularly in the judgment scene.  Anselmo Colzani is also excellent as Amonasro.  The sound is good.

OD 10543-2