Wagner: Tristan und Isolde (Act III) - Shuard Dowd, Coster, Langdon, Tear; Davis. London, 1970


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The idea of breaking up the acts of Tristan und Isolde has been around for many years. In this performance of Act III, it particularly benefits the Tristan, Ronald Dowd, who, despite the lyric nature of his voice, gives the performance his all while sounding as fresh at the end of the act as he sounded at the beginning. Isolde has little to do in Act III other than the Liebestod and Amy Shuard delivers the famous finale with opulence and freshness of tone. Michael Langdon makes much of Marke’s few lines and Robert Tear manages to nearly steal the opening scene as the Shepherd. Sir Colin Davis’ approach is definitely on the slow side, highlighting Tristan’s torment. I was rather surprised as his Mozart recordings are among some of the sprightliest I have come across. The sound is very good.

Amy Shuard sings Wagner

OD 11277-2