Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier - A. Konetzni, Stevens, Schmidt-Stein, List; E. Kleiber. Buenos Aires, 1938


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Fan’s of Carlos Kleiber’s legendary interpretation of Der Rosenkavalier will likely be interested to hear the elder Kleiber’s take on Strauss’ wistful comedy. In many ways there is a strong family resemblance, although Erich’s approach is slightly more angular, whereas Carlos seemed more interested in atmosphere than the mental exercise of Strauss’ complicated rhythms. As the Marschallin, Anny Konetzni makes it clear that she was born to sing Richard Strauss; her voice soaring effortlessly over the massive orchestra with a purity of tone that brought to mind Zinka Milanov. Risë Stevens, still in her twenties, brings youthful vitality and opulence to Octavian. By the end of the opera the elegant bass, Emmanual List deftly manages to leave Ochs humiliated but not completely robbed of his dignity. The sound is certainly good for 1938, although there is a rough patch at the beginning of Act III when some mild static creeps through.

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OD 11373-3