Verdi: Don Carlo - Cerquetti, Lo Forese, Barbieri, Bastianini, Siepi, Neri, Washington; Votto. Firenze, 1956


Listen to a Sample:


This performance of Don Carlo has floated around for years in various forms.  If you never took the time to listen to it I highly recommend it as it is one of the greatest performances of Don Carlo I have ever heard.  Anita Cerquetti is perfect as Elisabetta.  Her voice shimmers and soars.  Fedora Barbieri is fiery as Eboli, doing her best with the high notes and pouring out wonderful chest tones.  Ettore Bastianini was at his best and "Per me giunta" is incredibly beautiful.  With Cesare Siepi as Filippo and Angelo Lo Forese as Don Carlo this performance is truly legendary.

OD 10188-3