Wagner: Lohengrin - Gedda, Nordmo-Lövberg, Ericson, Jupither, Rundgren, Wixell; Varviso. Stockholm, 1966


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This performance is precious because it marks the only time that Nicolai Gedda every sang Lohengrin. It is all the more precious because it becomes clear almost from his entrance the Gedda may have been the ideal Swan Knight. His voice had the heady ethereal quality that makes Lohengrin come across as both other worldly and pure. However Gedda's seemingly limitless vocal control also makes for some very exciting singing especially in his confrontation with Telramund in Act II. As always his German is flawless and he brings a musical sensibility and delicacy that was no doubt informed by his experience as a master recitalist. The rest of the cast is also quite good including a wild Ortrud courtesy of Barbro Ericson, Bengt Rundgren as Heinrich and a young Ingvar Wixell as the Heerruffer. The sound is excellent.

OD 10850-3