Verdi: Aida - Souliotis, Verrett, Zambon, Guelfi, Roni, Zaccaria, Falcon; Rescigno. 1969


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  • Elena Souliotis was taking the world by the storm in the late 60s. Aida, however, is a true test of a soprano's technique and at times you can see hints of the cracks in her armor that would contribute to shortening her career. That said her talent is still undeniable and she sings with an openness and generosity that is beyond her years.
  • Simply put, Shirley Verrett is one of the greatest Amnerises I have ever heard. Hers is a striking balance between imperiousness and vulnerability, but the real achievement is her scene in Act IV which is nothing short of astonishing. To have experienced those high b-flats in the house must have been a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone witnessing it.
  • Amedeo Zambon is a tenor very much in the mold of Del Monaco. If you are looking for nuance you might be disappointed but if you want thrilling high notes, he is definitely your man.
  • Giangiacomo Guelfi sets the stage ablaze as Amonasro combining the vocal color of a bass with the technical security on top of a tenor.


  • There is some light skipping during the Tomb Scene.

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OD 11929-2

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