Wagner: Götterdämmerung - Nilsson, Beirer, Ridderbusch, Hoffman, Wimberger; Stein. Wien, 1976


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  • For a woman nearing 60, Birgit Nilsson proves that even in the world of Wagner, age is just a number. She sings with security and a deep connection to the text and music, learned from having done these roles with some of the greatest artists of her generation over 20 years.
  • Hans Beirer was no spring chicken himself, but he doesn't let that slow him down, delivering a Siegfried devoid of any signs of strain or fatigue.
  • Karl Ridderbusch's legendary Hagen might have stolen the show if he weren't sharing the stage with such overwhelming talent.


  • There are a few sections missing, most notably the entire Rhinemaidens scene in Act III. In addition, there is some light skipping at the beginning of Act II.

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OD 11791-4

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