Spontini: Olimpia - Lorengar, Cossotto, Fr. Tagliavini, Guelfi, Zaccaria; Molinari-Pradelli. Milano, 1966


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Gaspare Spontini is one of those composers who wrote outside of any schools of music of his time.   His was a truly unique sound.  Maria Callas helped champion La Vestale about fifty years ago but Olimpia has always been in the shadows.  It is most definitely worth similar re-examination.  You could not hope for a better cast to carry it off with the likes of Pilar Lorengar, Fiorenza Cossotto and Franco Tagliavini.  I highly recommend this opera to those who want to hear something new and different.  I think that you will find the music fascinating.   The sound is very good.

OD 10163-2